If you need acounting help in Salt Lake City, talk to Whitehouse and Company. They have accountants and attorneys ready to help with your estate planning.

We have personal accountants to help you with financial needs.


At Whitehouse and Company we have a team of professional accounting experts, that are more than happy to help you with your financial needs. If you need help starting your own company, or are ready to start your estate planning, let our team help you. Maybe you need to set up student loans, or plan for retirement. We have accountants and attorneys to help take care of all of those things as well. Here at Whitehouse and Company, we want to help take some of the burden off so that you can focus on other, more important things. We understand that the pressures of finances and expenses can be a lot to deal with and our accounting department in Salt Lake City is more than happy to help with your financial situation. Let our accountants help with your financial needs today. Call us at (801) 446-5600 or visit our web page http://www.whitehouseandco.com/ and submit the available form.


Our accounting professionals can help you set up your own personal business in Salt Lake City.


Starting your own business is a dream to many people, but it is hard to get a business started especially in these tough economic times. It can be a dream to have a succesful business so that your estate planning can process smoothly later in life. At Whitehouse and Company, we have the tools and the staff to help you get your small business’ wheels in motion. We can help find out what you need to do to keep your business going and can also tell you the advantages and the disadvantages of self employement, help you choose an entity for you business, and even help you get funding to get your business up and moving. We want you to enjoy the the time when you must begin planning your estate and we want to help make that possible.


Starting school and need financial aid?


We understand that going to school and furthering your education is a very important stage in peoples lives and a huge stepping stone towards your career. Just like a succesful business, it can make things in the future like estate planning much easier. However, school is no longer a small expense and prospective students must devise new methods of funding. Speak with any of our accountants in our accounting department about the type of financial aid and student loans we offer to ensure you find a plan that suits you and makes it possible to go to college. Let us help you further your education and make it possible for you to focus on studying and not money so you get the education you need to get that dream job or get started on the track to owning your own business