Quickbooks Professional Advisors. Your trusted business consultants, planners and advisors!!!

Thank you for choosing Whitehouse & Company to serve all your personal and business accounting needs. We specialize in assisting you with Business and Individual Tax Returns, Tax Planning, Business Problem Solving, Complete Payroll Services, Quickbooks Setup and Consultation and IRS Representation.

We have vast experience in preparing all required tax returns, for individuals and businesses. We want to ensure that you are paying taxes on time and that you are not paying more taxes than you legally need to pay. Throughout the year, we monitor tax law changes that affect you so we can recommend tax saving strategies for your business or personal needs. We recommend you take advantage of our years of experience and expertise.

We are qualified to prepare monthly or quarterly financial statements to let you know how your business is doing. We will discuss the statements with you to spot trends, problems, or opportunities for increased profitability. We have been through an independent review by our peers and were deemed to be competent and qualified in every aspect of financial statement reporting.

We offer complete payroll and payroll tax services. We make sure your withholdings are correct, your payroll taxes are paid on time, and your payroll tax forms are filed accurately and on time. It only takes one or two penalties or calculation errors for late depositing or failure to file to pay for our services.

As you start your business or as it grows, we can help you select the proper organizational structure, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, S-Corporation, or C-Corporation. We can help you with loan applications, pricing, lease-buy decisions, projections, budget, goals, cash flow, cost controls, and other important business decisions.

Finally, you may need someone to talk to about your business challenges. Perhaps a question or uncertainty has been nagging at you, or you may have received a penalty notice from a government agency that you don't feel you should have to pay. Or maybe you just need someone to listen to your business ideas and provide feedback. Our business philosophy is to meet our clients' needs by providing quality, personalized service at affordable prices. We welcome the opportunity to be your accounting and tax consultants.